Meet Our Priest

My name is Fr Kuhn (pronounced coon) and I have been assigned as the new pastor of Christ the King and Immaculate Conception parishes in Webster and Waubay.  I want to first thank Fr David for his help in making this transition.  I know he will be sorely missed.


I don’t know that there is anything interesting to say about myself but people often like to know a little about the new priest so I will try to mention a few things.  I’m actually from Illinois, about 2 hours north of St Louis – right along the Mississippi River.  I grew up on a family dairy farm there and, along with 5 brothers and 2 sisters, went to a Catholic grade school and high school.  After that I went to the University of Illinois and then to Iowa State University.  All of my background was in Agriculture before going to seminary – both education and work.


When I was young (probably 3rd or 4th grade) I had decided I was going to be a priest.  Unfortunately, by the time I got through high school I had started chasing after other things, a place in the world and what not.  I never rejected any of the teachings of the Church or stopped going to Mass but for a long time that’s about all I did.  Then just by “chance” I ran across a couple of good Catholic books, which I bought and read and then I started to get more interested in the faith.  I then started to seek out more and more good Catholic books and the faith began to take more and more of a front seat.  During the time of all of this reading, I also started to get back to traditional Catholic practices like a daily Rosary, daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration and a daily Holy Hour, frequent Confession, and so on. 


The priesthood then began to really weigh on my mind and I also started thinking more and more about standing in front of the judgment seat of our Lord.  So I finally applied to Holy Apostles Seminary in Connecticut and, to my surprise, I was accepted.  I met the guys that were there from this diocese and I decided to apply to the Sioux Falls diocese.  It just so happens that I applied on their one-time only: “we’ll accept anybody day” and, once again to my surprise, I was accepted.  After 6 years of seminary (4 at St Paul seminary in St Paul, MN), I was ordained to the priesthood 2 years ago.  My first assignment (and my only assignment up until now) was as associate pastor at Sacred Heart parish in Aberdeen.


I am grateful to Almighty God for the second chance He has given me and to Bishop Swain and the diocese of Sioux Falls for taking me in.  I am truly looking forward to serving as pastor of Waubay and Webster, and to getting to know all of you, and most of all to growing in faith, hope and charity with each of you.  Bishop Sheen once said that at the end of our lives we will see either the horrific face of Satan or the magnificent and merciful face of our Lord.  This will guide everything we think, say, and do at Immaculate Conception and Christ the King parishes: striving toward the magnificent and merciful face of our Lord, which, after all, is the very purpose of this life.


God bless you, Fr Kuhn.